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ValleyCrest Forms Strategic Water Management Partnership With HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc.

Date: 07/20/2010

Company: HydroPoint Data Systems

Source: EarthTimes

CALABASAS, Calif. – (Business Wire) ValleyCrest Landscape Companies, the United States’ leading integrated landscape services firm, today announced that it has selected HydroPoint Data Systems as a preferred provider for smart, or weather-based, irrigation controllers. HydroPoint is a market and technology leader in Smart Water Management, whose web-based WeatherTRAK solution helps companies eliminate landscape irrigation water waste to achieve dramatic cost savings.

“ValleyCrest is partnering with HydroPoint because we understand the importance of water management for our customers and also the need to simplify the application of complex technologies onto our customers’ properties,” said Roger Zino, president of ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance. “After an extensive product review and testing process in which our water management technology team evaluated a wide range of solutions, we determined that HydroPoint’s products and services were an ideal match for the needs of many of our customers.”

HydroPoint’s WeatherTRAK smart irrigation controllers adjust irrigation watering times based on actual weather conditions, such as watering less when cloudy and cool and more when warmer and drier. Through the use of smart controllers in combination with water management practices, including drought-tolerant plantings, hydrozoning, and storm water management techniques, ValleyCrest can make significant differences in the amount of water used on the properties it services.

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