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When Solar & Oil Work Together To Tackle Climate Change

Date: 10/21/2016

Company: GlassPoint

Source: CleanTechnica

It is of vital importance that the world’s governments and industries begin transitioning toward a greener and more sustainable energy future. The world is moving ever closer to a tipping point where holding global warming to 2° above 1990 levels is becoming ever more impossible — some say we may have already passed the point. Only a massive, wholesale transition to renewable energy and increased energy efficiency measures will mitigate any further damage.

However, the word ‘transition‘ inherently means “The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another” — in other words, there is no switch we can flick that will successfully take us from a world almost-entirely dependent on fossil fuels such as coal and oil for our energy generation, to a world in which renewable energies rule.

There needs to be a sustainable transitioning process.

Enter California-based solar company GlassPoint, the self-proclaimed “leader in solar for the oil and gas industry.” Founded in 2009, the company “designs, manufactures, and installs solar steam generators for the oil and gas industry worldwide,” essentially taking the fight to climate change further up the pipeline. According to GlassPoint’s own figures, its solar steam generators can reduce an oil field’s gas consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80%.

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