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Why Flywheel will become your transportation app

Date: 09/04/2014

Company: Flywheel Software

Source: The Bold Italic

by Jules Suzdaltsev

Frequenters of sports games, festivals, tech conferences, mega-concerts, or last call are familiar with this scenario: you exit the venue amid a throng of people, pull up your transportation app of choice, and invariably come up empty. You refresh about ten more times before a lone driver heeds the call for an unbelievable surge-priced premium. So what do you end up doing nine times out of ten? You walk five blocks away and pray you can hail a cab. Damn near every time.

The thing is, taxi cabs have somehow become the smart traveler’s little secret in these times of under-insured, chatty, candy-dish transportation options, and taxi drivers require more than just a pulse and a Prius to get you from A to B safely. Enter Flywheel, the perfect intersection of your favorite on-demand transportation apps and the reliability, low cost, and professional guarantee you get with a cab.

Flywheel allows you to hail a cab via their map-based app. You can get picked up immediately, or if you live in San Francisco, you can book your ride to San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland airports in advance so you arrive on time for your flight.

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