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Aspen Aerogels (NYSE: ASPN) is an energy technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures innovative high-performance aerogel insulation products that are two to four times more effective than other insulation materials. Aspen’s patented manufacturing process leverages nanotechnology through the production of materials in a form factor that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of customer applications. Aspen’s products help customers in oil and gas processing, LNG shipping and storage, outdoor apparel, building and construction, transportation, military, and aerospace industries, to save energy and money.

Our Partnership

RockPort led the A round for Aspen Aerogels and has been a fan of the company and its products ever since. We have supported the company through its successes and its challenges, including long adoption cycle in the industrial insulation market. As the company’s business expands around the globe, its reach extends to a more diverse platform of industrial applications, and its revenues soar, our close partnership is being rewarded.

"Rockport Capital has been more than simply an investor in our company. They were really a founding member of the team from day one in 2001. They've been instrumental in each round of financing that we have completed. But they've also been instrumental in our marketing initiatives, particularly in the oil, gas and utility businesses. I'm sure that that value creation will continue in the years to come." (Don Young, CEO, Aspen Aerogels)


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