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Enki Technology addresses the key pain points in the solar industry today by enabling PV manufacturers to reduce production costs, provide product differentiation and increase efficiency. Enki’s CleanARC® coating material has best in class, anti-soiling and anti-reflective properties with industry leading abrasion resistance and reliability to deliver optimal performance and protection over the life of the solar module. The company’s turnkey glass coating solution consists of equipment and processes that integrate easily into existing lines and coating material that provides attractive recurring revenue streams for Enki, and value to the customer.

Our Partnership

Having invested in various parts of the solar value chain for more than a decade, RockPort has intimate knowledge of the solar industry and its needs.  We were impressed by the combined value proposition of Enki’s material and stayed close to the company as it achieved critical milestones in a small seed round that was led by a strategic investor.  Impressed by the founding entrepreneurs and overall progress, we became the largest investor in Enki’s Series A financing.  Since then, we’ve worked intimately with Enki on team build out, product development and IP strategy