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GaN Systems provides next generation power conversion semiconductors for cleantech applications using a unique, island-based gallium nitride topology, building on over 10 years of process research at the National Research Council of Canada. The Company’s upcoming Cool Switching™ product line of highly efficient, low-loss diodes, transistors, and integrated systems, and its patented gallium nitride designs address the limitations of silicon power conversion approaches. For the first time, compound semiconductor devices will be cost competitive with silicon devices, enabling future power conversion products to be more energy efficient, lower cost, and lighter weight. For cleantech applications, GaN Systems’ technology offers improved economics – through reduced energy conversion losses and increased power production – enabling feasible solutions to the global energy crisis.

Our Partnership

RockPort co-led the A round for GaN Systems with Chrysalix Energy Ventures in the summer of 2011. RockPort has been actively seeking opportunities in the power electronics sector for some time and, in GaN Systems has found a highly innovative company with a game changing value proposition for ultra-high efficiency power switching.

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