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Honest Buildings is the leading online marketplace and discovery engine for building professionals. Through its tailored service offerings, Honest Buildings provides the industry’s best building solution providers with the tools to showcase their work on a single platform that connects them with real estate decision-makers in search of their expertise. The site empowers building owners to make better decisions, faster, saving valuable time and resources.

Our Partnership

RockPort has looked extensively at finding opportunities at the intersection of web, sustainability, big data and smart cities that are bringing the physical world into the digital domain and in doing so helping create highly profitable businesses. Honest Buildings is a perfect example of a company that fits these criteria. We seed-funded Riggs Kubiak and his team in the Fall of 2012 as we were very impressed by their understanding of the challenges faced by thousands of building owners and service providers in a fragmented real estate industry and the vision that this world-class team laid out for Honest Buildings to define and lead this emerging category.

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