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NewLeaf Symbiotics is an agricultural biotechnology company commercializing a family of beneficial microorganisms known as PPFMs (Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophs) for broad applications to the agriculture industry.  PPFMs are ubiquitous in nature and have been shown to improve plant health, promote early growth, and increase crop yield.

Our Partnership

We have actively sought opportunities in the agriculture sector for a number of years.  However, finding the right combination of team, product and market opportunity always forces us to take a highly selective approach to investment.  Biological agriculture treatments will play a major role in the coming years as growers seek new, cost effective means to increase yield and profitability and consumers and governments seek more sustainable farming practices.  When we met the NewLeaf team and reviewed their recent achievements, we quickly realized we had both a highly promising technology and an experienced, world-class team to bring it to market.  We worked constructively with NewLeaf to quickly structure a transaction that worked for everyone in a process that lasted a number of weeks from first meeting to final funding.

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