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Enovix Corporation In Pilot Production Of New 3D Silicon™ Lithium-Ion Battery To Improve Mobile Product Performance
Innovators in 3D architecture leverage strategic relationships with tech leaders for low-cost solar-grade silicon wafer production of a new, improved Li-ion battery. Addressing the need for battery innovation to keep pace with the demands of modern mobile devices, Enovix is in…
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PACE Heats Up San Diego’s Economy
After two years of operation, any concerns that the public held about PACE appear to be a thing of the past. County Supervisors Dianne Jacob and Dave Roberts recently held a press conference to describe how PACE heats up San…
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05/24/2016: PACE Heats Up San Diego’s Economy

Company: Renovate America

Source: CleanTechnica

05/10/2016: Something Uber doesn’t offer

Company: Flywheel Software

Source: Boston Globe

In the News  /  Rockport

01/21/2015: Boston VCs and Founders Reveal What Makes Their Relationships Work

Company: RockPort Capital

Source: BostInno

03/01/2014: Venture Capitalists: The Term “Cleanweb” Has Got to Go

Company: RockPort Capital

Source: CleantechIQ

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