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MicroSeismic Announces AlertArray(TM)

Date: 05/05/2015

Company: MicroSeismic

MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic) announced today the release of its newest technology, AlertArray™, a real-time seismicity network which offers operators a single solution alternative to monitor seismicity during hydraulic fracturing and fluid injection operations.

The AlertArray is capable of providing high-resolution event locations for various event types and magnitudes to establish a baseline for naturally occurring seismicity, prior to injection activities. The unique network for seismicity monitoring allows operators to improve field operations and mitigate risk, cost effectively. Additionally, AlertArray can be augmented with additional recording stations to allow operators to evaluate the performance of hydraulic fracturing completions while maintaining the ability to effectively pinpoint the safety of subsurface treatment activities in real-time and through the life of the asset. The system is offered globally and is compliant with specific regional mandates.

“MicroSeismic’s AlertArray is providing a new reliable and cost effective option for operators to monitor seismicity through the life of the asset, by utilizing a single array network. By using AlertArray, operators are able to seamlessly meet mandated seismicity regulations, specific to their regions of work. Using MicroSeismic’s patented PSET® high-definition imaging technology, the system can alert operators of positive magnitudes in real-time and can be adapted to any stoplight protocols or completions platforms,” stated Michael Thornton, VP Technology, MicroSeismic.

MicroSeismic’s AlertArray is a hybrid network, utilizing the BuriedArray® system combined with seismometers to provide the best possible detection, location and magnitude recovery; and is capable of spanning more than 10,000 square miles. AlertArray is capable of operating around the clock and can be installed on a shared field, field-wide, or individual basis.

MicroSeismic, Inc. is an oilfield services company providing microseismic-based Completions Evaluation Services in eighteen countries. Founded in 2003, MicroSeismic is the leading provider of microseismic monitoring activity utilizing surface, near-surface and downhole arrays. The company continually pushes the boundaries of new technology and delivers services that allow oil and gas companies to gauge the quality of completions, improve production, and reduce costs.

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