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FirstFuel Software Reveals Next-Generation Energy Analytics Platform, Bolsters Management Team

Date: 02/12/2014

Company: FirstFuel Software

Significant advancements in market-leading technology drive groundbreaking efficiency programs for utilities and government agencies

FirstFuel Software, the world’s trusted source of energy use intelligence, today announced its enhanced Remote Building Analytics (RBA) platform, which uses advanced data analytics to drive commercial energy efficiency at mass scale. FirstFuel has appointed former Groom Energy executive Paul Baier as Vice President of Products to spearhead adoption and implementation of the groundbreaking new platform.

Leveraging significant technology advancements across both interval and monthly meter data, the FirstFuel RBA platform now delivers energy performance intelligence to support all major commercial segments across every stage of the efficiency lifecycle, including portfolio screening, building auditing, customer engagement, and performance monitoring and verification. The RBA is the only fully-remote, commercial energy analytics platform that has been repeatedly validated by independent third-parties across a number of performance dimensions, including The Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), The DoE’s Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub), The Electric Power and Research Institute (EPRI), The General Services Administration (GSA) and the Cadmus Group.

“FirstFuel’s remote audit served as the company’s first solution to deliver building performance intelligence at scale to large utilities and governments,” said FirstFuel CEO Swap Shah. “In listening to the needs of our core customers and partners across the past two years, we have built and optimized an end-to-end suite of SaaS analytics solutions to help achieve aggressive efficiency targets. The cost, speed, and savings already realized through customer deployments have exceeded expectations, indicating that this new platform will continue to deliver real impact on our customers’ programs.”

This RBA platform consists of five products delivered through a secure, customizable cloud-based web portal. Working seamlessly with efficiency program administrators and on-site implementation activities, the RBA has led the design of groundbreaking customer lead generation, retro-commissioning (RCx), and whole-building M&V programs for utilities and government agencies. The RBA platform products include:

•FirstBenchmark: As a broad engagement portal for commercial customers, FirstBenchmark brings all the depth of FirstFuel analytics to interval and monthly data customers. FirstBenchmark’s user-friendly energy insights and program information build a continuous two-way relationship with commercial customers, driving higher awareness, engagement, and energy savings action.

•FirstScreen: FirstScreen analytics evaluate 100+ energy savings indicators to very rapidly isolate efficiency potential in every building, using a process similar to fingerprint recognition for commercial building consumption patterns. Leveraged across entire portfolios of meter data, FirstScreen transforms how utilities and governments segment, target, and prioritize commercial efficiency.

•FirstAudit: FirstAudit produces rich, audit-quality performance intelligence through customized, actionable and building-specific recommendations for operational and retrofit improvements. Delivered at a fraction of the time and cost of on-site assessments, FirstAudit has been shown to match the accuracy of ASHRAE LII audits and find operational opportunities missed by on-site work.

•FirstMonitor: FirstMonitor’s advanced predictive analytics enable remote energy use monitoring, measuring and alerting to drive continuous commercial customer engagement, measure persistence and verify savings. Breakthroughs in statistical techniques allow FirstMonitor to perform even in buildings with varied baselines and cover twice as many buildings as alternate market offerings.

•FirstPortfolio: FirstPortfolio provides utilities, governments, and program administrators with efficiency tracking and business intelligence capabilities at the commercial portfolio and program level, uniting the deep data analytics for each building into a single, unified resource for efficiency performance management and program delivery.

Leading FirstFuel’s upgraded RBA platform will be Paul Baier, an experienced executive in both the energy efficiency and cloud-based software space. Baier will sit at the intersection of FirstFuel’s technology development and continuous market-need sensing efforts to advance the RBA platform through 2014 and beyond. Baier comes to FirstFuel from Groom Energy, where he oversaw the product portfolio for Groom’s energy solutions line.

“I evaluated a wide spectrum of companies in the energy management and efficiency sector at Groom, and believe that FirstFuel has one of the most innovative technologies and corporate visions I’ve seen,” said Baier. “I’m proud to join FirstFuel’s team of skilled engineers and experienced management team because I believe the opportunity for truly sophisticated data analytics to drive comprehensive energy savings at scale is tremendous, and I look forward to helping to lead the company’s success in the months and years to come.”

“We believe Paul’s extensive expertise in enterprise software and energy management will bring great value to our products team,” said FirstFuel CEO Swapnil Shah. “His leadership in continuing to extend our RBA platform will be instrumental in helping customers maximize energy savings while eliminating the complexities associated with traditional energy efficiency approaches.”

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