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NewLeaf Symbiotics Acquires Intuitive Genomics

Date: 12/06/2013

Company: NewLeaf Symbiotics

St Louis, Missouri – December 6, 2013: NewLeaf Symbiotics Inc. announced today the acquisition of Intuitive Genomics Inc., a leader in the design and implementation of custom bioinformatics solutions.

NewLeaf is an agricultural biotech company that is researching and commercializing naturally beneficial plant bacteria for crop health and protection. The use of natural biologicals to control plant disease and increase crop yield is one of the most promising opportunities to address a looming worldwide agricultural productivity gap. The combination of NewLeaf’s R&D and product pipeline with Intuitive Genomics’ elite computational and bioinformatics capabilities makes NewLeaf a top player in the burgeoning biologicals category.

NewLeaf CEO Tom Laurita said, “This is a major step forward for NewLeaf. The key to unlocking the full potential of our Prescriptive Biologics™ platform is a deep genomics and bioinformatics capability, combined with the R&D breakthroughs and field results we are seeing. The intellectual property potential created by this acquisition is substantial. The fact that we can bring scientists of this caliber into the company is validation of NewLeaf’s strategic direction.”

Both companies are located at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center BRDG Park in St Louis, Missouri. Intuitive Genomics co-founder Dr. Todd Mockler will become Vice-President of Genomics at NewLeaf, and fellow co-founder Dr. Doug Bryant will become Vice-President of Bioinformatics. Dr. Jim Carrington, Danforth Center president and the third Intuitive Genomics co-founder, will join the NewLeaf Science Advisory Board.

Dr. Mockler commented, “We have been pushing the envelope in bioinformatics for the past four years and have concluded that there is tremendous potential in biologicals. This is clear when you consider the recent acquisitions by Big Ag in this area, and the recent high impact studies on both human and plant microbiomes”. Dr. Bryant added, “We surveyed the environment and NewLeaf Symbiotics is the most exciting opportunity we have seen for Intuitive Genomics.”

Dr. Carrington remarked, “This is exactly the sort of collaboration the Danforth Center seeks to foster. Here you have these two locally incubated companies, each of which is a leader in its field, working in proximity and recognizing the value in joining forces.”

About NewLeaf Symbiotics: NewLeaf is a venture-backed agricultural biotech company that is researching and commercializing naturally beneficial plant bacteria for crop health and protection. NewLeaf, which is based in St Louis, Missouri, was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and former Monsanto scientists and executives. Investors in NewLeaf include Rockport Capital, Open Prairie Ventures, and Pangaea Ventures.

About Intuitive Genomics: Intuitive Genomics was founded in 2010. The company writes and implements proprietary algorithms that analyze and interpret genome-scale datasets, providing actionable bioinformatics solutions for customers.

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