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Rayne Water Corporation Introduces the Rayne Versa: The Most Versatile Water Softener On The Market

Date: 07/12/2011

Company: Rayne Water

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2011: Rayne Water Corporation is introducing its newest and most versatile product in Rayne water treatment product line – the Rayne Versa Water Softener. Since 1928, Rayne has been providing customers with the most efficient and superior water treatment products for Homes, Offices and Businesses with Rayne’s customer-friendly, “you call, we come” approach. Rayne’s newest water softener, the Rayne Versa offers a wide range of custom features but without the custom price tag.

H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Rayne Corporation explains, “Today’s consumers are looking for softeners with the latest technology
and custom, versatile features that maximize efficiency while providing soft water just the way they want – and at a price they can afford. The
Rayne Versa does this and more.”

Some of the customized features include a choice of Up Flow or Down Flow technology. Optional up flow technology provides a more complete regeneration that maximizes water and salt efficiencies. Optional down flow technology is a more traditional setting that is excellent for homes with variable water quality. The Rayne Versa also offers a mixing valve which allows for adjustable softness so your water feels just the way you want it. The Rayne Versa offers a wide range of valve sizes for superior flow rates and minimized pressure drop. And with nearly a dozen different plumbing fittings available, it is perfect for ANY size family or home and compatible with a wide range of household plumbing.

The Rayne Versa is also more environmentally efficient than most systems producing more soft water before regeneration is needed, reducing salt usage by calculating brining needs for each individual regeneration, and allows for backwashing as needed – rather than simply before every
regeneration cycle – saving consumers up to 40% of the water they would otherwise use. The Rayne Versa is also smart and efficient on top of being very versatile. The Rayne Versa can monitor how many gallons of water have been used since the last regeneration, peak flow rates,
how many days since the last regeneration, how many regenerations since the valve was installed, and consumer usage patterns to maximize efficiency.

The Rayne Versa comes standard with an attractive, sound-dampening stainless steel cover for maximum comfort and style.

To learn more about the Rayne Versa, or to locate a Rayne professional in your area, visit today. For more information, contact Martin Jessen at (480) 836-0887.

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