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Shining Through: Rod MacGregor explains how GlassPoint Solar is bringing fresh vitality to Oman’s ageing oil fields

Date: 06/05/2013

Company: Glasspoint

The company also recently commissioned the country’s first solar Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project alongside GlassPoint Solar. Thermal EOR is a technique used to facilitate the recovery of heavy oil with the injection of high pressure steam which can increase the temperature of oil reserves and change reservoir consistency.

By harnessing the sun’s energy with GlassPoint’s enclosed trough technology, the solar EOR project produces a daily average of 50 tonnes of emissions-free steam that can be fed directly into existing thermal EOR operations at PDO’s AMal West field in Southern Oman.

The 7MW system is in regular operation and recently passed its first performance acceptance test since coming online, exceeding contracted steam output by 10%. “PDO has successfully extended the life of its heavy oil assets by deploying innovative EOR technologies over the past few decades,” said Restucci.

The GlassPoint system is proving it can reliably fuel thermal EOR with solar power while reducing the need to burn natural gas. This solar EOR solution provides for an economically viable and environmentally sustainable long term resource to develop Oman’s heavy oil portfolio, while saving valuable natural gas resources for use in other gas-dependent industries.”

Oman has proven to be a very ideal place for GlassPoint to develop its operations. Heavy oil, plenty of solar energy and limited gas supplies have given the California-based company a perfect environment to operate in.

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