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TLE Article: MicroSeismic’s Peter Duncan receives Honorary Membership at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Date: 01/05/2012

Company: MicroSeismic

Honorary Membership for Peter Duncan

by Leon Thomsen

Peter Duncan created and continues to sustain SEG’s Challenge Board through his coordination and visible presence at the regional competitions around the world. Peter also served in an exemplary manner as SEG President while simultaneously creating a new company, MicroSeismic Inc., which uses passive seismic to follow the success of frac jobs, an especially critical function in shale-gas horizontal drilling. Peter’s company received US$100 million this year in private equity investment. Peter shared this technology with fellow Society members as the SEG/AAPG Distinguished Lecturer. He previously received SEG Life Membership, for which his contribution in creating the Society’s Distinguished Instructor Short Course was highlighted.

Simply put, Peter Duncan is a Force of Nature. You understand that the best when he “asks” you to do something for SEG. Resistance is futile. Excuses are brushed aside. Charm is exuded. Guilt is applied if necessary. In the end you agree and, in the end, SEG is better for it.

I first met Peter at the SEG convention in 2000. I was so unfortunate as to have a hotel room next to his; he and some friends were jamming into the wee hours. So I knocked on his door to complain about teh noise. I was instead “asked” (see above) to join them, with my wife Pat, who had thought she was ready for bed. We also jammed into the wee hours, despite a personal preference for early retirement.

The SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course had been invented by Peter in 1998, as the SEG’s Bagship program in continuing education, subsidized strongly by the SEG Foundation. He organized it by himself for the first few years, before passing it on to a committee. Before he “asked” me (see above) to participate in 2001, the program had become a partnership with EAGE, with worldwide scope. It has since been emulated by other societies, and remains one of the SEG programs best appreciated by members.


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